As the Ghaqda is a voluntary organisation it depends upon membership fees in order to maintain a modest annual income. Should the Ghaqda be confronted with any unusually large financial demand, it may become necessary to call upon the goodwill and co-operation of the membership in order to meet such an expense.

Alternatively, under the regulations pertaining to organisations formally registered under the Voluntary Organisations Act, 2007, it is possible to seek sponsorship, organise charitable events and/or collections in order to raise funds.

The Ghaqda has applied for registration as a Voluntary Organisation and awaits the issue of a formal V.O Reg. No. subject to acceptance by the Commissioner.

This Section is therefore devoted to recognising the generosity of our benefactors, without their help we would find it difficult to continue to function.

Our most grateful thanks are extended to all of them here under.

Charles Cassano, Euromed Limited.
Provision of the use of an Office facility, address, meeting place & hospitality.